ℹ️ Introduction
Introduction to Pool Party Investments project.
Pool Party is an innovative project created by authors of the TIKU DeFi, bringing the unique loyalty staking ecosystem to the Binance Smart Chain.
Pool Party brings to BSC never-before seen innovative features such as:
  • first time-based staking that rewards loyalty
  • sustainable growing reward system independent of the trading volume
  • fully automated ecosystem providing dividends, buyback & burn, and liquidity
Main currency of the Pool Party ecosystem is $PP token.

Time-based Loyalty Staking

Time-based staking is an innovative way of staking the tokens in which the reward amount are determined based on how long the user has been staking their PP tokens. Length of the staking is counted by the days of the staking. Final reward is then computed as
reward=totalDaysstakedAmountreward = totalDays * stakedAmount
This approach is truly unique and is designed to reward the loyal holders the most.
Visit Loyalty Staking Bag for more information.

Long-term sustainable & fully automated ecosystem

Sustainability of the ecosystem is achieved by investing the funds the in yield staking and farming assets which are the put into farms and pools.
The ecosystem is fully automated and designed to grow forever by auto-compounding part of the rewards.
Other part of the rewards is then weekly distributed and used for:
  • loyalty staking dividends payout to holders
  • buyback & burn of the $PP token
  • provision of the additional liquidity for the $PP token
Visit Investment Pools for more information.
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